Business Enquiry

For Exports related enquiry, please contact 

Mr. Jagannadha Rao Gantasala 
Executive Vice President-Exports 
Direct:  +914033605241 
email: jagannadharao@nagarjunaagrichem.com 

For Domestic Market related enquiry, please contact 

Mr. Manikkam Natarajan
Executive Vice President - Sales & Marketing, 
Direct:  +914033605231
email: manikkam.natarajan@nagarjunagrichem.com 

Mr. Amit Taparia 
Vice President - SCM & IT, 
Direct:  +914033605271 
email: amittaparia@nagarjunaagrichem.com

Mr. MV Rao
Sr. General Manager - Institutional Sales & Market & Product Development, 
Direct:  +914033605264 
email: raomv@nagarjunaagrichem.com 

For Research and Development related Enquiries, Please Contact 

Dr. B Saha
Chief R&D officer, 
Direct:  +914033605301 
email: bsaha@nagarjunaagrichem.com 


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